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Observing betting patterns of Poker Players

If this player has the goods, observe how he usually bets. When players have a good hand they usually bet to seek value from the players at the table. After he lays down the winning cards, keep in mind the bets that led up to it. How do they bet when they are holding the best hand? So, when this happens against you, you will notice how serious the player is about their hand. If you have a great hand, you have 2 choices, you can either fold or raise the bet to a big amount.

When he is on the bluff how did he bet? Just as the first one, this is equally important and significant. It is harder to notice a bluff than a good hand, but if you watch a player closely, they usually tend to show a sign when bluffing. When it comes to bluffing a sigh of relief or a smirk are dead giveaways. Using the same strategy as the previous example, keep in mind what the player bet as a percentage of the pot when he tried to bluff. Although this type of bet tends to be sporadic, watch your opponent carefully to pick up on bluffing patterns.

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Teaser Bet? What is it?

A teaser allows you to add points on your sides and either add or subtract from the total points. You must play between 2 and 10 plays and each must win. Your teasers have a point spread manipulation. You should remember these options: increase the spread for the underdog, or decrease spread for the favorite. With totals, your “under” can by raised and your “over” can be lowered. Comparing it like a parlay, winning all of the wagers wins you the bet.

Five through 7 point line moves are some of the teaser spreads that are used in football.5, or 7 points.
You can move the total and pointspread between 4 and 5 points in basketball teasers.5, or 5 points.

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How do you find out the right fund total for playing a cash game poker.

The amount needed to play is determined by the games limits and type. For limit players, it is wise to have a bankroll at least 200 times the big bet amount for that game. For instance, if you normally play in a $1/$2 Limit game, then you would want to have a minimum bankroll of roughly $400 or 200 times the big bet amount.

If, however, you are playing in a No Limit or Pot Limit game, then you would typically want a bankroll of at least 20 times the minimum buy-in.

If you normally play in a $1/$2 no limit game, for instance, then your bankroll should be at least $800. Because $40 is the minimun buy-in for the game. It’s imperative to understand that what we’re presenting here are minimum bankroll recommendations, and realize you should probably have a larger bankroll to ensure your permanent success, about double the minimums we’ve shown here.

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Tactics for Beginner Poker Players in Selecting the Right Table.

The difference between going home a winner or a loser can be the result of simply choosing the wrong table. Even though there are no obvious signs, simple ways exist for beginners to select tables.

The best kind of table for a beginner is one in which there is a loose betting game, they’ll have a high chance to win and play their own game. This is usually the cause because many players see the flop, but most don’t bet agressively. This lead to more big pots, but will also lead to more bad beats overall.

You should check out three things when choosing a table. To start is the amount of players who are at the table who have seen the flop. When dealing with online poker rooms, you just have to know the right place to look to find this statistic. High percentage is what you want. Anything over 35% would be considered high. In that case you would have what is called a loose table. When deciding what table to sit down at, looking at average pot size should be the second thing you take into consideration. To be appealing, this should generally be at least 12 times the small blind. Third on the list of things to look for would be to identify the players you know are weak. Notes on your opponents if you take online notes. (you should too)If you’re lucky, you’ll spot a few of your known weak players seated at the same table. You should definitely sit down if they do.

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Online Sportsbook Review for Bodog.

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Its one of the easiest to bet every game on. Every sport is covered, the software is not complex, and plenty of fantasy games are available. There are lots of options when you play, futures, props, and live betting. You may have found them on sportsbook sites and they are always ranked high, this is why.

They assist you with betting wiser. They have tons of data to aid you in chosing. Read in-depth articles about each major sport, and review game matchups, previews and statistical analysis.

The help you need is always on hand. If you ever need to contact customer service they handle your problem quickly and without any hassles.

You can put your money and information in here and be sure it is safe. Since their launch in 1994, they have upheld a perfect record for privacy, security, and payouts.

Another benefits is that big deposit bonuses are offered to new customers, and they always have a contest running. After you have registered, you have the ability to play not only poker and casino games, but bet on horses as well, all with the same account.

Head office of Bodog is licensed in, the Caribbean nation of Antigua. Many types of entertainment services and world class products, including online gambling such as Poker and Casino are offered by the Bodog group of companies.

Morris Mohawk Gaming Group has the license for Bodog which is operated in North America.
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Bodog Poker Room Review

Bodog Poker is considered to be one of the major online poker sites in the industry.

Bodog Poker is one of the best sites to play poker at. They are a major online company that makes people feel very welcome to be there. And they treat their players with a lot of respect. They give generous bonuses all the time.

Here’s some of the biggest reasons:

With the many available choices of buy–ins and different types of games, it’s always easy to find the exact perfect game for you.
There are skills ranging all over the table, so you pick the table that won’t get you in over your head. Never intimdating, but always challenging. There is never a shortage of tournaments. This site has games going all the time. Constantly new games starting. And their games cost anywhere from free to the highest payout ever. Even as high as a $500 buy in. And think as you play each game, you earn those points that you can soon redeem for more buy in’s for each future game.

More poker for you money – you can bet bonuses anywhere but with Bodog you are playing with the best. Instant cash is available with the 110% siging bonus, only one in the industry. Immediately, you earn 10% on your first deposit and you can use that credit to earn your first 100%. Up to $500.00 Continuing playing in your first month is beneficial. On top of that, with just one reload a month, you get a 100% match bonus. This is the type of site that pays you in the form of points when you download. And this site is so cool, when you download you instantly start to earn points. Whenever you want to you can redeem these points for money or even use this points to buy your way into a poker game. How much easier can it get.

User friendly software that is simple learn means you can get right to the gaming. You can customize the size, color, layout and spotlight option as well.

Bodog’s head office is located and licensed in the Caribbean nation of Antigua. The Bodog group owns more than just gambling sites, they are in the businesses of gambling, music and entertainment. You can find something that will suit your style and personality with this company.

There are many gambling sites that offer more than just poker. Some sites will offer other casino games and other gaming products. Sites can often provide hours of fun, and some may allow you to play without investing money to play.

Morris Mohawk Gaming Group licenses Bodog Gaming in North America.

Online gambling sites are trying to make it more fun by adding new benefits and incentives. One way Badog Poker is trying to make it more fun is giving bonuses for Bad Beat hands and exceptionally hard hands to get, like a Royal Flush.

Bad Beats Prizing: Your bad beat won’t feel so bad after you win cash for it! If your the victim of a bad beat, Bodog is awarding people money in refund off 100x the blind. There is a maximum of 1,000.

To be eligible you have to have a full house with aces full of kings.

aaa-kk and if you get beat by four of a kind (or better), you still win! Pocket cards are one of the first two cards that are dealt to you. Both the pocket cards must be used in the winning and losing hand. At least three players are needed in order to deal the bad beat bonus. If a showdown is going to happen, both winning and loosing hands must go to the showdown. Showdown is when players play through the river to determine the winning hand. Bodog Texas hold’em has cash games play for real money.

Royal Flush – Prizing – If you a hand that cant be beaten, you have all the nuts. The nuts supreme The mega-nuts! Doesn’t it deserve more than just taking the pot down? This is the reason Bodog is currently offering Royal Flush hands 50 times the amount of the big blind, up to $200.

Eligibility: You must use both pocket cards. At least three players must be in the game. More times than not a poker hand does not have to or need to go to showdown.

Real cash games only are Texas Hold’em for elgibility.

Bodog requires you to contact the customer service if you had a bad beat or royal flush so that they can confirm your hand and pay you your cash.

Experience gaming at Bodog where your Royal Flushes make you flush and your Bad Beats go on higher.

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